Freedom of invading personal lives

Aleksandar Vučić, President of the Serbian Progressive Party, has been at the position of Serbian PM since 27th April 2014. Till April 2016, so over a period of two years, Andrej Vučić, brother of Aleksandar Vučić was the topic of texts and front pages in Serbia on 730 occasions, nearly in all cases in negative context!

Andrej Vučić is not an official of SNS.

Boris Tadić was the President of Serbia from 27th June 2004 to 6th May 2012, for full eight years. During that time, he was also the President of the Democratic Party. During that time, Vjera Radović, sister of Boris Tadić, appeared in the media 40 times, nearly always in positive or neutral contexts.

Vjera Radović was a high-ranking official of DS.